Identity Marketing

About SheerID

SheerID is the leader in the Identity Marketing space helping brands create impactful VIP offers to special communities.

Identity marketing delivers personalized campaigns that capture the hearts and minds of consumer communities by inspiring powerful emotions and a deep sense of belonging.

Instant digital verification protects your offers without requiring sensitive data, so shoppers trust you more, spread your offer, and purchase again and again.

SheerID and Extole

Communities like teachers, students, and service members are deeply connected to one another, and with the SheerID and Extole integration, you can use word of mouth to activate and acquire more of these valuable communities.

Extole x SheerID:

✅ High Value Customers

✅ Increase Conversion Rates

✅ Capture Zero-Party Data


  • How it Works
  • SheerID and Extole Overview

Use cases

  • Acquire High Value Customers Through Verified Referral Programs

    Your consumer communities are some of your most valuable customers and often go to their peers for brand recommendations. By asking them to refer, these communities can help you reach high value lookalikes.

  • Increase Conversion Rates with Personalized Community Offers

    When community members share offers that are unique to them and their community, they reach out to people who are ready to buy, resulting in a high conversion rate source of visitors.

  • Capture Zero-Party Data for Future Marketing

    When Extole-powered programs drive community members to your site to earn exclusive offers, information provided during eligibility verification creates actionable insights in the SheerID platform to help you keep the conversation going with your new customers and important communities.

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